We just wanted to quickly tell you about our new Referral Club that gets you…

Over £135 of FREE services at our salon!

We sign YOUR referral card which you can exchange for credit against your next service. You will get a £15 discount cash every time you refer a new client to us and they attend their appointment. Refer 3 friends and get your next haircut for FREE!!!!

Let me tell you about this club, and why it’s so special…

Not only do YOU get rewarded for introducing your friends to my business, your friend gets a discount too. Your friend will get £15 off their service.

It’s a win/win situation all round and that’s how we like to do business so everyone is happy 🙂

Ask your stylist or call us to see how you can start, remember refer 3 friends and get your next haircut for FREE!! Pick up your referral card at the salon today or call and we can post it to you.

BOOKING LINE 0131 556 9349

Best Wishes,

The Trigg Hair Studio crew